Things I Want to Try

Sometimes I get stuck in a mentality that says “I never do anything new, and I never will.” This mentality tends to start a couple weeks into the semester, after the excitement of new classes wears off. But I want to stay excited about life. Aside from all of the amazing new things I’m trying at school (like songwriting), I have lots of things that I want to do someday. So, I made a list:


  1. A half-marathon.
  2. A daily blog challenge.
  3. Acting.
  4. Gardening.
  5. Art (Confession, this one was a summer project that I failed, so I’m insecure about it).
  6. Running a sound board.
  7. Taking my own pictures for my blog (after I started this post, I actually took all of the pictures for a post that I wrote! Maybe this is a first step to awesome pictures!).
  8. A silent retreat.
  9. A new musical instrument.
  10. Recording my own music.
  11. An a capella group.
  12. A solo road trip (someday when I start driving myself places).
  13. Flying a plane.
  14. A trip to Europe.
  15. Making skit videos.
  16. Joining a writer’s group.
  17. Making Lasagna (Yes, I’m allergic to tomatoes and I don’t even like lasagna, but I can’t stop imagining how cool it would be to make lasagna).


Hopefully there will be lots of edits to this post, saying that I’ve done some of the things on the list.

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