About Me

Hi, I’m Anne Mary, thanks for stopping by! I love Jesus, I play music, and I drink lots of tea.

I recently graduated with my undergraduate degree in Music and Worship. I teach piano from my studio in Louisville, KY, and play a lot of other music in my free time. My main instruments are piano and voice, but I also play a little violin and am picking up the guitar.

I am committed to honoring God with all the work I do, so I’m always looking to improve the way that I practice, teach, and perform music. On this blog, I explore different topics that I’m thinking about related to music performance and practice, and things that I’ve learned about teaching. I also include a bit about my current projects.

If you’re interested in taking lessons, email me at notesofalltypes@gmail.com for more information.

Social media:

Instagram: @theannemary

Twitter: @theannemary

Facebook: Notes of All Types