How to Make London Fog

One of my favorite tea drinks is London Fog. It originated in Canada, and it’s similar to a latte, but with tea instead of coffee. I love it on rainy days.


Start by boiling some water for tea. You’ll want to brew about half of whatever size mug you’re using of Earl Grey. Brew it for 4-5 minutes, depending on how you usually like Earl Grey.

Our beautiful tea kettle
Earl grey

While it’s brewing, heat up some milk. I usually put about half a cup of milk into out microwave for 50 seconds to a minute. The milk should be steaming, but not boiling. Whole milks works best, as reduced fat milk doesn’t froth much.



Next, whisk the milk. I use our handy stick blender, and whisk it until it’s frothy all of the way through. Add a little bit of vanilla and whisk for a couple of seconds to mix it in.

Frothing the milk.


Take out your teabag from your mug and add the frothy milk.


Adding the frothy milk

This drink is great with scones or a dessert, or by itself. Enjoy!

A London Fog with my dad’s amazing oatmeal scotchies


P. S., here’s the website that taught me how to make London Fog. I make it a little differently than the site recommends, but it was super helpful when I first started making the drink.

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