Getting Up Earlier

Last month I started trying to get up consistently at 6:45. For most people, this isn’t super early, but since I usually get up around 8, it was a jump for me. It was hard, but I’m glad that I’m getting better at it. Here are some of my reasons that I like getting up earlier:


  • It’s generally quiet for the first few minutes. I can get a shower and have my Bible time without being distracted.
  • I can get some of my goals done early. Instead of rushing to read through the Bible before I run to go do other things, I have time to sit and meditate on the Scripture I’m reading, and pray through it, without feeling like I’m ignoring other work that needs to be done.
  • I get to see my siblings after I’ve had a few minutes to wake up. The first 10-15 minutes after I wake up, I’m very sluggish. So, if Becca walks in and starts talking to me, normally grunt in reply or ignore her. When I’ve had a few minutes to wake up, I can greet her cheerfully more easily.
  • I get to see the beautiful scenery. I wrote about this on my second day of getting up at 6:45. I forgot it until I was looking through my journal today. Tomorrow, I think I’ll stop to enjoy the scenery a little more.


Since there are a lot of good reasons to get up a little earlier, here are three ways I help myself do it better:


  1. I get ready the night before. My mom taught me this when I was younger, and Michael Hyatt recommends it. If I plan ahead, I don’t have to make tons of decisions while I’m waking up, so I’m not as tempted to go back to bed. Also, if I go to bed earlier, I can wake up more easily.
  2. I get moving immediately. I usually get a shower, and then immediately go downstairs and do my Bible reading. Usually if I sit around, I want to go back to sleep.
  3. I pray for help getting up. I tend to be very lazy in this area, and prayer has helped me more diligent about getting up.


What are some of your favorite tips for getting up earlier, and having more energy in the morning?




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