Confessions of a Family Photo Shoot

Today my family and I went to the park and smiled a lot. I had a good time. We got some great pictures. There were lots of laughs. There were also a lot of tears. Here is the behind-the-scenes of trying to coordinate eleven people for a photo shoot:

  • We somehow got our entire family out of the house, color-coordinated, and fed (or with a packed snack for the kid who “wasn’t hungry) by eight in the morning.
  • About an hour into the picture taking process, it was about ninety degrees. In the woods. In nice warm clothes.
  • My younger sibling who tried not to panic during the photos wasn’t nearly as freaked out as me last year over photos. I need serious help.
  • The best photo was of the “big kids” posing while the younger kids fought.

Autumn and Becca

Basically, we have issues. We fight. We cry over smiling (mostly younger Anne Mary). We get annoyed at one another for touching each other when we’re tired. Despite our issues, however, we love each other. My parents and siblings are awesome. They are patient with me. They are all unique, and funny, and they are my favorite people in the world. I’m glad that when we have stress, we can work together and deal with each others’ faults. And also, we can laugh at each other, and with each other. It helps us be a little less high-strung, and  I need to be less high strung.Everyone Waiting Around

Ok, here’s my cover of Photograph by Ed Sheeren. Yeah, I know it’s clever. Enjoy!


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