Edith Piaf – Anne’s Earworms Episode 32

I first ran into Edith Piaf at the library in the international music section. I wasn’t expecting great things from the music, I just wanted to hear something different than my normal musical genre. I was shocked.

I started with her beautiful song “La Vie en Rose,” and I was instantly absorbed by her passion she has whenever she sings. She applies a constant energy to her music, whether she’s singing a powerful about having no regrets or a comical song about being haunted by a melody (“Padam, Padam”).
A great place to start is her album Eternelle, although a greatest hits album is also nice. I hope you enjoy a little Edith Piaf as much as I did.

Fly Me to the Moon – Anne’s Earworms Episode 31

I love Tony Bennett’s interpretation of “Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words).” He takes a typically peppy song, and makes it sweet and slow. This reflects the lyrics in a fresh way, transforming the song from the breathless romance in Sinatra’s an Buble’s versions to a soulful serenade. It begins with trepidation, but builds into a passionate plea, maintaining both simplicity and a feeling of completeness.

The orchestra is sparse, complementing Tony’s singing without overpowering it, almost as a duet. It contains a touch of saxophone, and a bit of strings, and a little jazzy piano, each one having a simple, slow part. Tony Bennet takes a typical song and makes it unique, which is truly inspiring for any aspiring cover artist or musician. Enjoy!

Daydream Believer – Anne’s Earworms Episode 30

Thursdays are the longest days. By the time I finish school, my private music lessons, and teaching private lessons, I want nothing more than to go home and sleep. Often, I’m discouraged, and occasionally I’m just hungry.

This Thursday was much the same as many Thursdays. I was tired and ready for home, but the traffic at 5 mostly involved sitting. That’s when I first heard “Daydream Believer.”

The song opens with Davy Jones singing of the troubles of the working person, who must leave fantasies and dreams to go to work. But the songs turns to a celebration of a positive attitude. He chooses to be a daydream believer, who lives life looking forward, rather than dwelling on things that he has to leave or things that he doesn’t have.

This is the way that I want to live. I don’t have to choose between dreaming and living. There are certainly sad things in life, but I don’t want to spend every waking hour dwelling on them and worrying.

Since then, I’ve learned to enjoy the Thursday drive home. Instead of wishing that I was at home, I try to enjoy the time I have sitting. Thursdays are still long, but they don’t have to be discouraging too.

The 12 Days of Christmas (Straight No Chaser) – Anne’s Earworms Episode 29

My dad introduced this song to me several years ago. I love it because it’s clever and unpredictable, but still pleasant to hear. I love A Capella groups, and this adds in an element of fun to a classic holiday song. Enjoy!

The live version:


The non-live version:

Se Tu M’ami – Anne’s Earworms Episode 28

This Italian art song is one of my voice songs for this semester, and my favorite so far. I usually listen to the version by Cecilia Bartoli and Gyorgy Fischer.

“Se Tu M’ami” (“If You Love Me,” in English) is unrequited love from the other side. The singer is being pursued by a shepherd, and she likes him and finds his favor wonderful. She is sorry for his suffering over her, but she doesn’t think that he’s her only option. It’s clever and emotional, and I like listening to the music in another language. Enjoy!



Can’t We Try – Anne’s Earworms Episode 27

This is one of my favorite duets of all time. My mom showed it to me a while ago, and I still love listening to it. Dan Hill has done this song with several chicks (it’s most famous with Vonda Shepherd), but I love the Celine Dion version.

Can’t We Try has so much passion, and it tells a tragic but hopeful story. The harmonies are phenomenal, and I just love Celine Dion’s voice!

Pompeii (A Harp Cover) – Anne’s Earworms Episode 25

Last week I found Lara Somogyi’s pop covers on harp through Kurt Hugo Schneider’s YouTube channel. I love this song because it is unique and interesting. I don’t listen to much harp music, so Pompeii was a refreshing change. Enjoy!



If you want to hear the original Pompeii, you can listen to it on YouTube here. 

A Cheerful Little Playlist – Anne’s Earworms Episode 23

I’ve had a bit of a rough weekend. Saturday was just a bad day, and I lost some momentum and motivation. But I’m starting to get back into the groove today. As part of getting back to being positive, I want to challenge myself to make a cheerful playlist. I listen to a lot of sad music (not because I’m sad, I just like that kind of music), and I want to mix it up a little bit and cheer myself up. So here we go:

Thinking Out Loud, by Caleb+Kelsey.

I love these two. This song is light and fun (plus the music video is really cute).

Things are Looking Up, by Ella Fitzgerald

Mood Rings, by Relient K

This is a song from when I was a little elementary student jamming with my sister.


Starlight, by Taylor Swift

This is a peppy song about not being afraid of dreaming big and having fun.


Mission Impossible, by The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling

Want a little humor in your day? You’re welcome.

Top of the World, by Anthem Lights

This is another song that’s great for jamming and just enjoying.


Wow, that wasn’t so hard. If you’re having a rough day, sit back, relax, jam a little, and know that you’ll get through this.