What I Believe

We all sin (disobey God). There are obvious sins, like murder, and “smaller” sins, like gossiping. All sin, regardless of how bad it seems, separates us from God. Because of our sin, we deserve death.

Because God is perfect, and cannot leave sin unchecked and unpaid for, one sin separates us from Him completely. We cannot earn our way into God’s favor again. At the same time, He loves each of us and wants us to have restored relationship with Him. To save us from our sin and satisfy His righteousness, He sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life, and died for our sins, paying the penalty for our sins. Jesus was dead for three days, and then God raised Him from the dead, defeating death’s power over those who are in Jesus. Those who are in Him will be raised with Him to heaven to live with Him forever, without sin.

We are in Jesus when we repent of our sins (turn away from them) and believe on Jesus’s payment to save us. When we do this, we have a  fixed relationship with God through Jesus’ work on the cross, and receive the promise of eternal life with God, free from sin. Believing on Jesus doesn’t make all of our problems suddenly disappear. It doesn’t mean that we are now perfect.  We will continue to fight sin until we are with God in heaven. But now we fight sin out of gratefulness for what Christ has done to defeat sin, and out of a desire to be more like Him, not to try to earn favor with God. We are sealed in salvation.

God is the most important thing in my life, and I want to live more and more in way that honors Him. Not to earn favor, not because I feel like I “have to,” but because I love Him and am thankful for what He has done, and want to grow closer to Him. If you ever have questions or want to know more about the gospel, please email me at noteofalltypes@gmail.com. Or, if you know me in “real life,” feel free to talk to me in person. I love you guys, and I would be honored to talk to you about Jesus.

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