Ways to Gain Energy

Sometimes I get pretty tired in the afternoon, or wake up feeling moody. Here are some ways that I’ve been helping myself gain energy and get in a better mood:

  • Use Essential Oils. I like using a combo of orange and geranium essential oils.
  • Get Exercise. This one is more prevention than cure. After I exercise, I generally feel more productive and happy.
  • Go Outside. Because I’m a college student, it’s easy for me to spend most of my time indoors. I have to be intentional about taking walks, or jumping on the trampoline with my younger siblings.
  • Listen to Upbeat Music. I learned this one from a Blimey Cow video called “7 Ways to Turn Your Day Around.” I like Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas’ version of “St. Kilda Wedding.

  • Do Something Productive.  I always feel better after I’ve gotten something done, whether it’s cleaning my room, or forcing myself to practice music for an hour.
  • Check My Nutrition. Drinking enough water, eating enough food, and eating the right kind of foods are all important to me. I have had problems with eating properly in the past, so I have to be extra careful about this.


Anther great article about getting more energy is Michael Hyatt’s post “10 Practical Ways to Boost Your Energy.

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