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Time for Three – Anne’s Earworms Episode 13

29 Mar 17
Anne Russell
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The group Time for Three is a modern group featuring two violins and a bass. A friend sent me one of their songs a while ago, but I haven’t listened to them much since then. I recently went to a Time for Three concert, which got me thinking about their songs again. Here are three awesome songs by Time for Three:



This is the first song I heard by time for three. It does a great job of showing their ability to use string instruments in a creative way, with a lot of harmonics and pizzicato (plucking the string).

Also, the violins have a nice counter-melody thing happening.


The combination of the string instruments and the vocals in this song make it interesting. I love their harmonies.

Hungarian Dance Number 5

This song is classical, but it shows their ability to have fun playing, and to coordinate together really well.

Time for Three is a great example of the “New Classical” genre. Their music is well-done and interesting.

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