My First Year of Voice Lessons

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary of taking voice lessons- I call it my Voiceiversary. Before I started voice lessons, I was afraid of singing in front of other people because I thought I sounded bad. Even though I wanted my voice to get better, I resisted taking voice lessons for a while because I was worried about my potential voice teacher being mean or scary. This was ridiculous—Ms. Amanda (my voice teacher) is one of the nicest, friendliest people I know.

As my form improved, so did my confidence. Ms. Amanda had me sing in “ridiculous ways” to make me less afraid of sounding bad, so I could sing more confidently. I realized that my voice didn’t sound nearly as terrible as I thought, and I became more comfortable singing in front of and with other people (this is how I started hanging out with several of my close friends).

Because I started playing music with and singing with other people, I got invited to perform in a concert with two of my buddies. (Here’s a link to our band page, if you’re interested). For the concert, I had to work on stage presence. I am an introvert and reserved, so being engaging on stage was hard for me. Through voice lessons (and some coaching from my mom), I learned I could use the fun that I already had as part of my personality, and “turn it on” to engage the people that I was entertaining. I didn’t have to fake my personality, I just chose which part of my personality to bring out more.  After the concert, I became friendlier in real life, without feeling pressured to be “an extrovert” or fake.

Voice lessons have helped my singing form a lot, but more importantly, they have helped me be engage other people better. I have loved the first year of voice lessons, and I’m looking forward to my second year.

Here is Amanda Clark’s Facebook page, if you are interested in great voice lessons:



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