Kyle Bielfield – Anne’s Earworms Episode 14

I found Kyle Beilfield when I was looking for a song written from the lyrics of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.” I loved Kyle’s version of the song, so I looked him up and discovered his album Stopping By.


I found his cover of the song “Change Partners” (written by Irving Berlin). The lyrics are clever and fun, and Kyle’s singing reflects that attitude well. It sounds loose and relaxed, without being sloppy.



My favorite song of his that I’ve heard is “Dream with Me.” His voices comes together nicely with the piano and the cello, making the song bittersweet and lovely.



I like Kyle’s voice because his singing is smooth and pleasant, but also reflects the emotion in the songs he sings. He sounds “right” singing “Dream with Me,” which is sad and soaring, but he sounds just as good singing “Change Partners,” which is upbeat.

If you want to hear more from Kyle Bielfield, I recommend “Snake.


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